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The One Where Rosita Dies

Episode 7.13

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Rachel breaks Joey's chair (Rosita) so she buys him a new one; meanwhile Chandler thinks he broke it, so he replaces it with his own identical chair. Joey believes the chair miraculously healed itself, so Rachels keeps the new chair. But Joey is jealous, so he breaks "his" chair so he can have Rachel's. Mr. and Mrs. Geller are selling their home so Ross and Monica go to pick up their childhood things. Ross's are fine, but Monica's have been ruined by flood water. To make it up to her, Mr. Geller gives her his Porsche. Phoebe takes a job as a telemarketer and her first contact (Earl) doesn't want to buy anything because he's planning to kill himself. Phoebe convinces him to keep living.

The one where they said....

Joey: No. Rosita does not move.
Rachel: I'm sorry? Rosita? As in...
Joey: As in, "Rosita does not move."
Rachel: Joey, it's just a chair! What's the big deal?
Joey: The big deal is that it is the exact equal distance from the bathroom to the kitchen and it's at the perfect angle so you don't get any glare coming off of Stevie.
Rachel: Stevie the TV?

Mr. Geller: Well, I don't know what's in the boxes down here, but I do know there are six or seven Easy Bake Ovens in the attic.
Monica: I used to love to play restaurant.
Ross: Yeah, not as much as you used to love to play "un-cooked batter eater."
Monica: Hey, it is unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a lightbulb to cook brownies!

Phoebe: I'm hearing what you're saying, but at our prices everyone needs toner.
Earl: Not me.
Phoebe: May I ask why?
Earl: You wanna know why. You wanna know why?
Phoebe: I surely do!
Earl: Okay, I don't need any toner because I'm going to kill myself.
Phoebe: Um... is... is that because you're out of toner?

Chandler: I think I should get the chair!
Joey: How do you figure?
Chandler: Because you broke a chair and you broke a chair! The only one around here that hasn't broke a chair is me!
Rachel: No, no, no! This chair's not going anywhere.
Chandler: Well, where's the logic in that?
Rachel: The logic is that there are two of us and we are both strong enough to break a chair in half!


Teleplay by Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones
Story by Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Directed by Stephen Prime
Jason Alexander as Earl
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Joyce Guy as The Supervisor
Steven Rozic as The "Hey Guy" Guy
Wendee Cole as Marge
Aired 2/01/2001, 6/28/2001, 9/6/2001