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The One Where They're Up All Night

Episode 7.12

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After watching for a comet on the roof of their building, the gang goes their separate ways; but all end up staying up all night. Joey and Ross get stuck on the roof and spend the night trying to get down. Rachel and Tag spend the night trying to find some important documents that were supposed to get sent earlier that day. Phoebe is kept awake by the smoke alarm that won't die. Monica and Chandler can't get to sleep and spend the night reading, talking, coupling, and cleaning.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: [Beep.... Beep....] Please don't be a spaceship. Please don't be a spaceship. Oh, thank God! [Beep] How could you be beeping? I just disconnected you! I took out your battery! How can... [Beep] Don't interrupt me!

Phoebe: [Beeeeeeeeep] Oh my God! How did you get back here?
Voice behind door: Phoebe Buffay?
Phoebe: Fire alarm?

Ross: Ow! My ankle! I really hurt my ankle! I think I twisted it when... Oh! A quarter!


Written by Zack Rosenblatt
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Eddie Cahill as Tag Jones
Jason Winston George as The Fireman
Aired 1/11/2001, 6/14/2001