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The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Episode 7.14

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Rachel's struggles with turning thirty prompt the rest of the gang to remember their thirtieth birthdays. Monica got drunk just before her surprise party; Phoebe tried to reconcile with Ursula and found out she was actually 31; Ross bought a sportscar, but couldn't get it out of it's parking spot; Chandler just turned 30; Joey cried and blamed God. Rachel decides that in order to accomplish her goals in life, she needs to find the man she's going to marry. So she breaks up with Tag.

The one where they said....

Ross: Hey, thirty is not that old! Do you know how old the Earth is?
Rachel: Late thirties?

Ross: That's not what this is about okay? I... I am a sports car enthusiast. I have always been into cars.
Joey: Hey, what's the horsepower on this thing?
Ross: I don't know, but... but look how shiny!

Monica: I can't believe you bought this.
Rachel: Really! God Ross, what were you thinking? [To Phoebe] I know it's really shallow, but a part of me wants him again.
Phoebe: Oh, well get in line, missy.

Tag: Look, Rachel, I know what you're going through. I'm totally freaked about turning twenty-five.
Rachel: Get out. Get out of my apartment.

Chandler: Monica's wasted.
Ross: Maybe that will liven up this party.
Chandler: Okay, will you just go help her change, please?
Rachel: Okay. But taking care of a drunk, naked woman seems like a job for Joey.

Phoebe: I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do by the time I was 31!
Joey: Like what?
Phoebe: Like... Okay, I... I haven't met any Portuguese people! I... I haven't had the perfect kiss! And I haven't been to sniper school!


Teleplay by Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Story by Vanessa McCarthy
Directed by Ben Weiss
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Eddie Cahill as Tag Jones
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Wayne Sherwood as The Man in the Sportscar
Vanessa White as The Woman
Aired 2/8/2001, 5/24/2001, 8/30/2001