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The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

Episode 9.11

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Monica helps Chandler consider what careers he's interested in. He choses advertising, and Monica arranges a meeting with a friend (Steve) in the business. Joey gets Phoebe a job doing extra work on Days Of Our Lives, but she takes her characters a little too seriously. Ross and Rachel take Emma into Ralph Lauren to meet the staff. While there, Rachel discovers that her temporary replacement (Gavin) it determined to take over her job permanently, so she returns to work immediately. He turns out to be a little nicer than expected. Chandler gets offered an unpaid internship at Steve's agency, which might mean he and Monica need to postpone having a child for a while.

The one where they said....

Chandler: I can write slogans. I mean, how hard can it be? Right? "Cheese - It's milk... that you chew." "Crackers - Because your cheese needs a buddy." "Grapes - Because who can get a watermelon in your mouth?"

Chandler: "The Phone - Bringing you closer to people who have phones."

Steve: So, do you have any other questions about advertising?
Chandler: No, no. But let me show you what I can do. "Bagels and Donuts - Round food for every mood."
Steve: Monica warned me you might do that.

Rachel: What do you mean, you're taking over my job.
Gavin: Well, while you were on your baby vacation, I was *doing* your job.
Rachel: A vacation? My idea of a vacation does not involve something sucking on my nipples until they are raw.
Gavin: Clearly you've never been to Sandal's Paradise Island.

Gavin: And I don't care too much for that smell you've brought in with you.
Rachel: Excuse me?
Ross [referring to Emma]: Uh, Rach, we have a code brown situation.
Rachel: Well, can you please, please take care of it for me?
Ross: Alright, but you have to do one some time.

Gavin: I was transferred from another department.
Rachel: Oh, yeah? What department was that? The Jerk Department?
Gavin: Oh, they didn't tell me about your quick wit.
Rachel: Well, did they mention that I'm rubber and you're glue?

Mr. Zelner: When you left us, we weren't sure what we were going to do. But then, Gavin to the rescue! Super Gavin!
Rachel: Well, that's great, that's great. So, now, uh, Super Gavin, when I come back, where do you plan on flying off to?
Gavin: Well, that's up to Mr. Zelner. I'm sure he'll make the right decision.
Rachel [under her breath]: Oh, wow, Super Ass Kissing Power.

Phoebe: I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm just not an actor.
Joey: That's right, you're not. You're a nurse. You're Nurse With Tray.
Phoebe: Joey...
Joey: No, no, Nurse With Tray doesn't know Joey. She doesn't have time for friends. She gets in that operating room, and she carries that tray to the doctor, because if she doesn't, people die!
Phoebe: Who dies?
Joey: Man with Eye Patch! Now you get in there, and you do your job!
Phoebe: Yes, doctor!

Rachel [to Ross, referring to Emma]: Can you please just take care of her for today?
Ross: Absolutely. Just give me your breasts and we'll be on our way.

The Director: Cut! Cut! What are you doing?
Phoebe: Well, I'm very angry with him, because he slept with me and never called back!
Female Extra #1: Me too!
Female Extra #2: Me too!
Joey: Oh, calm down! She means on the show! We need some new extras around here!

Chandler: Maybe we could wait a little while.
Monica: Like a month?
Chandler: Or a year?
Monica: Really? You want to wait a year?
Chandler: Oh, it could be less than a year. You've heard my stuff. "Pants - Like shorts, but longer." It'll probably be more than a year.

Chandler: I'll just get my old job back.
Monica: No, I want you to have a job that you love. Not statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.
Chandler: I quit, and you learn what I do?


Teleplay by Peter Tibbals
Story by Judd Rubin
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Dermot Mulroney as Gavin Mitchell
Steve Ireland as Mr. Zelner
Evan Handler as The Director
Phill Lewis as Steve
Alexandra Margulies as Female Extra #1
Heather Sims as Female Extra #2
Paul Logan as The Soap Actor
Aired 1/9/2003, 7/10/2003