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The One With Christmas in Tulsa

Episode 9.10

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Chandler has to spend Christmas in Tulsa to get paperwork done, and realizes he's the only one in his group of Friends who hates his job. He remembers past Christmases in a series of flashbacks from earlier Christmas episodes, and decides to send his subordinates home. One (Wendy) stays behind. Monica is not comfortable with Chandler working alone with her. He believes she has nothing to worry about, until Wendy makes a pass at him. He turns her down, professing his love for Monica. She asks why he's not with his wife on Christmas, which prompts a series of flashbacks about his relationship with Monica; also prompting him to quit his job and return to New York.

The one where they said....

Wendy: I was checking out that insurance company's Christmas party on three. Okay, it was really beautiful. They have all these decorations, and this huge tree, and I thought, "To hell with them! We have to work!" So I stole their ham.

Wendy: Fun conversation?
Chandler: Well, she's just got this weird idea that just because you and I are alone, that something's going to happen.
Wendy: Huh. Really? Would that be so terrible?
Chandler: This is probably the wrong thing to worry about, but you're getting ham on my only tie.

Chandler: Hey, you know what I just realized? You are the sole wage earner. You are the head of the household. I don't do anything. I am a kept man.
Monica: You are! Hey, here's twenty bucks. Why don't you buy yourself something pretty while I'm at work tomorrow.


Written by Doty Abrams
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Selma Blair as Wendy
Brian Chenoweth as Ken
Monique Edwards as Claudia
Aired 12/12/2002, 3/20/2003