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The One With Joey's Award

Episode 7.18

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Joey gets nominated for a "Soapie" award for his return as Drake Ramoray in Days of Our Lives. He loses, but he steals a trophy from one of his costars (Jessica) who doesn't appreciate it. Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey practice receiving awards. Ross makes Dinosaur sounds for his class. A male student (Ned) reveals he's in love with Ross, claiming that's why he's doing so poorly in class. Ross sympathizes and decides to change Ned's grade for the better, until he finds out it's just a scam. Phoebe's new romance with Jake makes Monica realize that once she's married, she'll never have another "first kiss" or be with anyone else.

The one where they said....

Ross: Um, I, uh... I'm your teacher. I'm sorry, you're... you're a student, and I like women. In spite of what may be written on the backs of some of these chairs.

Rachel: Now I feel bad for the kid! I had a crush on a teacher once, and it was so hard! You know, I couldn't concentrate and I blushed every time he looked at me. I mean, come on, you remember what's it's like to be 19 and in love.
Ross: Yeah. I guess I can cut him some slack.
Rachel: Yeah.
Joey: How'd you get over that teacher?
Rachel: I didn't. I got under him.

Joey: And the winner is... Jessica Ashley from Days of Our Lives. Uh, unfortunately Jessica couldn't be with us tonight so I'll be accepting this award on her behalf. And I'm sure that Jessica would like to thank my parents who always believed in me. She'd also like to thank my friends, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel who's sittin' right there!

Monica: So, I'm not supposed to share my doubts and fears with the guy I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with?
Phoebe: That is correct! Yes, you're supposed to take all of that stuff and put it in a little box in your mind and then lock it up tight.
Monica: Your mother told you this?
Phoebe: Yes!
Monica: The woman that got married a bunch of times and killed herself when you were 13?
Phoebe: Oh my God! You're right! Go! Go tell Chandler! Hurry, before it's too late! Wait, no! Does this also mean putting out doesn't get you love?


Teleplay by Brian Boyle
Story by Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Alison Sweeney as Jessica Ashley
Kyle Howard as Alan Lewis
Vince Vieluf as Ned Morris
Troy Norton as Jake
McKenzie Westmore as The Presenter
Aired 3/29/2001, 7/26/2001