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The One That Could Have Been, part 2

Episode 6.16

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In the continuation of the alternate reality: Ross and Carol have a threesome with Susan, but Ross feels left out. Phoebe goes stir-crazy in the hospital, and sneaks back to work, only to find our she's been fired, and promptly has another heart attack. Rachel spends the evening at Joey's, but gets drunk and sick, and passes out. Monica decides it's time to have sex with Dr. Roger, but he gets paged and leaves. Chandler and Monica decide to have a one-night stand, but afterwards Chandler convinces her to dump the doctor and be with him. Rachel, relieved that she didn't cheat on Barry, returns home and find Barry in bed with another woman... their neighbor's dog walker. She returns to the city to hook back up with Joey, but runs into Ross. They console each other on their bad marriages and Rachel helps Ross realize that Carol is a lesbian. Phoebe goes back to singing at the coffee house.

The one where they said....

Rachel: You know, if someone told me a week ago that I would be peeing in Joey Tribbiani's apartment...
Joey: Yeah, life's pretty great, isn't it?

Joey: So, was it amazing?
Ross: It was... it was okay.
Joey: Just okay? Did you do it right?
Ross: Look, it's just.... Did you ever go to a party and think, Would really anyone miss me if I weren't here?

Rachel: Good day for married people, huh?
Ross: I'm sorry your husband cheated on you.
Rachel: I'm sorry your wife is gay. I guess women aren't that great either.
Ross: Try telling my wife that.

Phoebe (singing):It only takes two heart attacks to finally make you see.
One of them won't do it, but the second one will set you free.
Tell all your hate and anger it's time to say good-bye,
And that is just what I will do, as soon as those bastards I work for die!
La lalala lalalalala la, lalala lalala la la...


Written by David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Jane Sibbet as Carol Willick
Jessica Hecht as Susan Bunch
Mitchell Whitfield as Barry Farber
Paul Gleason as Jack
Pat Finn as Dr. Roger
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Larry Cox as Arthur
Lisa Calderon as The Woman
Aired 2/17/2000, 7/6/2000