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The One That Could Have Been, part 1

Episode 6.15

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News that Barry and Mindy are getting divorced gets the gang wondering what their lives would be like if Rachel married Barry; if Ross's wife Carol hadn't realized she was a lesbian; if Monica was still fat; if Joey was still on Days of Our Lifes; if Chandler had quit his data entry job to pursue writing; and if Phoebe was a stock broker:

Ross and Rachel, both in unhappy marriages, run into each other on the street after not seeing each other for years. Ross brings Rachel to Central Perk to see Monica; Rachel quickly swoons over Joey, aka Dr. Drake Ramoray. Monica is dating the very boring Dr. Roger. Chandler is unemployed, but takes a job as Joey's assistant, which doesn't work out very well; but he is inspired by the experience and sells his first story to Archie Comics. Phoebe is ruthless and greedy, and has a heart attack after losing 13 million dollars on the stock market. While she's in the hospital, Ross finds out she's fired, but he doesn't dare tell her, fearing it will cause another heart attack. Ross suggests to Carol that they spice up their non-existant sex life. Carol doesn't like any of his ideas... except having a threesome. Rachel decides to have a fling with Joey. Monica reveals she's still a virgin.

The one where they said....

Monica: Oh my God! Rachel! You look terrific!
Rachel: Oh, so do you! Did you lose weight?
Monica: You are so sweet to notice! Yes, I lost three and a half pounds!

Rachel: You are friends with Dr. Drake Ramoray?
Chandler: Well, it's kinda hard to be friends with Drake because of his busy schedule and the fact that he's not real.

Phoebe: Still going through that dry spell with Carol?
Ross: Yeah.
Phoebe: How long has it been since you had sex?
Ross: Well, last weekend...
Phoebe: Oh, that's not so bad.
Ross: ...will be two months...
Phoebe: Oh.
Ross: ...since I stopped trying.

Monica: So how's it going with Joey?
Chandler: Oh, just great. He beeps me now with codes. One is, "Bring me food." Two is, "I'm with a girl, bring us food." Three is, "I'm lost and I can't find food."

Rachel: Oh, Mon, listen I have to ask: Okay, Joey Tribbiani invited me back to his apartment. Now does he do this with a lot of girls?
Monica: Yeah, a lot. A lot, a lot!
Rachel: Oh! And I'm one of them! Wow! Oh, I just cannot believe this! I mean... Joey Tribbiani!
Monica: Yeah. You know, it's none of my business, but aren't you married?
Rachel: Yeah. Oh I just wish we could not be married for a little bit! You know, I just wish we could be, like, on a break!


Written by Greg Malins & Adam Chase
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady
Kevin Spirtas as Dr. Wesley
Jane Sibbet as Carol Willick
Pat Finn as Dr. Roger
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
Cacey Riggan as The Nurse
Aired 2/17/2000, 7/6/2000