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The One With Joey's Big Break

Episode 5.22

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Rachel has an eye infection but doesn't want anyone touching her eye. Monica finally gets her to a doctor but then Rachel won't use the eyedrops. Everyone has to hold her down and force her to use them. Phoebe is mad at Ross but can't remember why. Joey gets the lead role in a independent film called Shutter Speed, being filmed in Las Vegas. He and Chandler start a road trip but Chandler lets slip that he doesn't think this is Joey's big break, and gets kicked out of the car. Joey makes it to Vegas but the movie is shutting down from lack of funds, leaving Joey trying to make ends meet as a gladiator at Caesar's Palace.

The one where they said....

Monica: Why are you so mad at him?
Phoebe: Look, I don't wanna talk about it. Okay?
Monica: Well, it just seems that you're doing...
Phoebe: You wanna be on my list too? Keep talking! Has anyone seen my list, by the way?
Chandler: Um, no, Pheebs. What's it look like?
Phoebe: Uh, it's a piece of paper and it says, "Ross" on it.

Ross: Are you angry at me because I said your handwriting is childlike?
Phoebe: No, that made me feel precious.

Chandler: He went crazy! Y'know, we were playing that game where you ask a question and you answer it really fast...
Phoebe: That game should not be played without my supervision.

Joey: Hey, Pheebs! Listen, this wooden box keeps sliding out from under the seat. What is it?
Phoebe: Oh, that's my grandma. And thanks, Joey, she's having a really great time.

Monica: Well, maybe you should send him something, so that when he gets to Las Vegas he'll know that you're sorry.
Chandler: That's a good idea. I wonder where I could get a basket of porn.

Phoebe: Y'know what you should send him? A cartoon of cigarettes. 'Cause that way he could trade it for protection. No. That's prison.

Ross: What do you like better flora or fauna?
Phoebe: Fauna.
Ross: Who would you rather be Simon or Garfunkle?
Phoebe: Garfunkle.
Ross: Why are you mad at me?
Phoebe: You said I was boring. Oh!
Ross: When did I say you were boring?
Phoebe: Oh my God, I remember now! We were playing chess!
Ross: Phoebe! You and I have never played chess!
Phoebe: Oh, come on! Yes... remember that time on the frozen lake? We were playing chess, you said I was boring, and then you took off your energy mask and you were Cameron Diaz! Okay, there's a chance this may have been a dream.

Joey: Hey Monica, it's Joey!
Monica: Hey Joey! Ah, you remember me even though you're a big star!
Joey: Aw, come on! It'll be years before I forget you!


Teleplay by Wil Calhoun
Story by Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Michael Monks as Dr. Miller
John Kassir as Stanley
John C. McDonnell as The Grip
Aired 5/13/99, 9/9/99