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The One With The Ball

Episode 5.21

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Gary decides to ask Phoebe to live with him. She doesn't think it's a good idea, which makes him sad, so she ends up agreeing. After some changes of heart (back and forth) they finally move in together... until one morning Gary shoots a bird that's chirping outside the window. Phoebe breaks up with him. Ross and Joey throw a ball back and forth without dropping it for a couple hours; soon it becomes a contest, joined by Monica and Chandler. Around the tenth hour, they invite Phoebe to join; unfortunately, she doesn't feel like playing. Rachel spends a thousand dollars on a pure-bred, hairless Sphinx cat, like the one her grandmother had when Rachel was a kid. Unfortunately, this cat is not very nice, and a scratched-up Rachel ends up selling the cat to Gunther.

The one where they said....

Joey: Is, uh... is Staten Island really an island?
Ross: Uh-huh, that's why they call it Staten Island.
Joey: Oh. I thought it was like Long Island.

Rachel: All right listen. Um, I just bought something, I'm not sure [Monica's] gonna like it, and it's gonna seem a little crazy. But this is something I wanted since I was a little girl.
Ross: You bought Shawn Cassidy!
Rachel: No! I wish!

Monica: You paid a thousand dollars for a cat, when you owe me three hundred?
Rachel: Well, I was gonna let you play with it.

Monica: Oh my God, the cat's made my eyes water! Don't... don't throw it to me! My vision's been compromised! Oh God! Okay. Okay. It's okay. Man, that was close.
Chandler: Yeah, you almost overreacted to something.

Joey: I don't know who made you the boss, all right? We invented this game!
Monica: Please! I made this game what it is.
Chandler: Not fun anymore?

Gunther: Thanks Rachel. And... and, uh, don't forget, you... you can come visit her anytime you want.
Rachel: Oh good, great! I'll... I'll keep that in mind.
Gunther (to Ross): Hey, so what is this? Some kind of snake or something?


Teleplay by Greg Malins
Story by Scott Silveri
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Michael Rapaport as Gary
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Victoria L. Kelleher as Woman #2
Antoinette Spolar as Woman #1
Aired 5/6/99, 9/2/99, 10/25/99