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The One With The Inappropriate Sister

Episode 5.10

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Because of his boredom while away from work, Ross offers to help Joey focus on writing a movie. Things get a little tense, however, when Ross wants Joey to work and Chandler wants to play 'Fireball.' Phoebe volunteers to collect Christmas donations for the poor, but ends up getting a bucket full of unwanted 'contributions,' so she gets tough with the donors. Monica arranges for Rachel and Danny to go out. It seems to be going very well until Rachel discovers that Danny has an unusually close relationship with his sister, Krista.

The one where they said....

Ross: I am bored out of my mind. I've already been to the bank, the post office, and the dry cleaners.
Joey: Dude, you just described seven days worth of stuff. You've got to spread it out a little, you know? Haven't you ever been unemployed?
Ross: Hey, I am not unemployed, I'm on sabbatical!
Joey: Hey, don't get religious on me, okay?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, I'm going to be out there spreading joy to the people. I mean, last year I spread a little joy, but not really enough. So this year, I'm going to do the whole city.
Monica: You know, I knew a girl in high school who did that. She was very popular.

Joey: All right! But, uh, listen... what do you say we, uh, crank it up a notch?
Chandler: I'm intrigued.
Joey: All right, all we need is a little lighter fluid...
Chandler: Okay, but be careful, okay? Because I wanna get our security deposit back.
Joey: Yeah, I think we said good-bye to that when we invented 'Hammer Darts.'

Phoebe: Nobody! Nobody respects the bucket! You wouldn't believe what people put in here! Look! Okay, does this look like a garbage can to you?
Monica: No.
Phoebe: Does it look like an ashtray?
Monica: No.
Phoebe: Does it look like a urinal?

Chandler: Oh, so being a good friend means acting like a total jerk?
Ross: If it does, then you're an amazing friend of mine.

Danny: Okay, listen. I really like you, okay? I think this can go somewhere. So what if I'm close to my family? Are you gonna let that stand in the way of us?
Rachel: Well, uh, I... I don't know. See, when... when you put it that way, y'know, it does kind of...
Krista: Danny, hurry up! The bath is getting cold!

Joey: Okay: "It's a typical New York City apartment. Two guys are hanging out." Ross?
Ross: "Hey man."
Chandler: "What is up?"
Ross: "About yesterday, I was really wrong. I am sorry."
Chandler: "No, it was me. I'm sorry. I over-reacted."
Ross: "Maybe it was both of us, but we had our best friend's interests... but we had our best friend's interests at heart."
Chandler: "Could I be more sorry."
Ross: "I don't know, I'm one sorry... polentologist." All right Joey, we get it. I'm sorry.
Chandler: I'm sorry, too.
Joey: Oh, no no no! Keep reading! The good part's coming up. Keep going.
Ross: "I am sorry, Chandler."
Chandler: "I am sorry, Ross."
Joey: "A handsome man enters." "Hey! How's it going guys? I don't know what you two were talking about, but I'd like to say thanks to both of you. You... you wouldn't let me give up on myself. And you... well, you co-created 'Fireball.' The end."

Joey: Okay: "It's a typical New York City apartment. Two girls are just hanging out."
Monica: "Hi, how are you doing Kelly?"
Rachel: "I'm doing just fine! God, Tiffany, you smell so great!"
Monica: "It's my new perfume. Why don't you come closer where you can really appreciate it?"
Rachel: Oh! You know, Joey, you are sick!
Monica: This is disgusting!
Rachel: I'm not reading this!
Joey: What? Wait wait wait! The handsome man was about to enter!


Written by Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Directed by Dana DeVally Piazza
June Gable as Estelle Leonard
Julie Lauren as Krista
George Newbern as Danny
Tom Bailey as Bob
Lee Arenberg as The Man
Robyn Petretti as Ginger
Aired 12/17/98, 4/1/99, 7/15/99