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The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

Episode 4.10

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Joey sets a personal record for sticking Oreos in his mouth--15. Ross dates a girl from Poughkeepsie but is concerned about the distance involved in seeing her. Rachel wants a relationship--or at least a fling--so Chandler offers to set her up with someone; when his coworkers find out it's Rachel and that she's not looking for a serious relationship, they all bribe Chandler to set them up. Monica gets no respect at work; she hires Joey in order to fire him, so everyone will know who's boss; but Joey likes the tips, so he has a hard time going along with the plan. Phoebe works (and works and works) on a Christmas song for her friends. Ross takes a train to Poughkeepsie to break up, but falls asleep and ends up in Montreal... with a girl from Nova Scotia.

The one where they said....

Chandler: Really? I didn't think girls ever just wanted a fling.
Rachel: Huh. Let me tell you something. It's been a long time since I've been flung.
Joey: Well, I know what I'm giving you for Christmas.

Rachel: No accountants. Oh, and no one from, like, "legal." I don't like guys with boring jobs.
Chandler: Oh, and Ross was like what, a Lion Tamer?

Monica: I mean, I have not been picked on this much since I was in kindergarten, and they had to bring in someone from Junior High to do the see-saw with me.

Mike: Whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa. Is this hot-Rachel-that-you-took-to-the-Christmas-Party Rachel?
Chandler:oh, by the way, that is her full name.

Phoebe (singing): Happy Hanukkah, Monica. May your Christmas be snowy, Joey. Happy New Year, Chandler and Ross. Spin the dreidel, Rachel!

Phoebe: Do you maybe have, like, a nickname that's easier to rhyme?
Monica: Didn't your Dad used to call you "Pumpkin."
Rachel: Oh, yeah!
Phoebe: Pumpkin? Yeah? But did he ever call you, like, "Budolf?"

Chandler: Guys are signing over their 401Ks to me!
Phoebe: You work with robots?

Rachel: Chandler, you have the best taste in men!
Chandler: Well, like father, like son.

Chandler:Really? I thought you weren't even looking for something serious. I thought you were looking for some kind of a fling.
Rachel: Well, you know... possibly. You didn't... tell him that, though, right?
Chandler: Whoooooohuuuuh, no?
Rachel: You told this guy that I was looking for a fling? You don't tell the guy that!
Chandler: Why not, I'd be thrilled if heard that some hot girl was just looking to get... oh, I see.
Rachel: Oh, between you telling him I wanted to have a fling, and me putting out on the first date... oh he's so going to get the wrong idea.

Monica: Okay, could the waiters gather around to hear tonight's specials? Okay, first, there's, uh, Chilean Sea Bass, prepared with a mango relish, on a bed... why is nobody writing these down?
Waiter: Because we can remember them.
Monica: And because you're all going to make up fake specials, and make me cook them like you did the other night?
Waiter: Well, sure, that too.

Monica: What the hell just happenned?
Joey: I am so, so sorry. I was gonna do it, really. But then, I was standing there with 327 dollars in one hand, and 238 dollars in the other hand, and I was thinking, "Wow, it's been a long time since I had... 327 plus 238 dollars!"

Phoebe (singing): Happy happy Hanukkah, Chandler and Monica. Very merry...
Chandler: Oo, ya know... ya know what, Phebes?
Phoebe: What?
Chandler: I'm not Jewish, so...
Phoebe: So, Ross doesn't really decorate his tree with floss, but you don't hear him complaining, do you?

Rachel: You idiot!
Chandler: I'm sure you're right, but why?

Phoebe (singing): Went to the store, sat on Santa's lap. Asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap. He said, "all you need is to write them a song." Now you haven't heard it yet, so don't try to sing along. So don't sing along. Monica, Monica, have a happy Hanukkah. Saw Santa Claus, he said hello to Ross. And please tell Joey Christmas will be snowy. And Rachel and Chandler, [mumbles some nonsense that rhymes with "Chandler"]. Happy holidays everybody!


Written by Scott Silveri
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Fred Stoller as The Waiter
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Jamie Kaler as Mike
Micheal DiMaggio as Drew
Shannon Maureen Brown as The Woman On The Train
Amy Smallman as The Kitchen Worker
Yasemin Baytok as The Poughkeepsie Woman
Vic Helford as The Conductor
Aired 12/18/97