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The One Where They're Going to PARTY!

Episode 4.09

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Phoebe and Monica buy a van (with a mural, flashing nipples, and other "extras") for their catering business; Monica fills in for a food critic in a small local newspaper; after she gives a restaurant a scathing review, they offer her a job as the new head chef; she has to chose between it and the catering business. Ross and Chandler make plans to party with Gandolf, the party wizard; Gandolf cancels and Ross and Chandler are left bored, until Joey convinces them that they can party themselves. Rachel tries for a new position at work, but her boss doesn't quite cooperate.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: Oo! I gotta go. I found a guy who can fix up the van for catering.
Monica: Oh, do you want me to go with you?
Phoebe: No, no, it's okay, but are we sure we don't want the waterbed?

Allesandro: I want a retraction. Our food is not "inedible swill."
Monica: I couldn't eat it. I have five friends who couldn't eat it. And one of them eats books.
Allesandro: Well, our service is not "grossly incompetent."
Monica: The waiter carried the breadsticks in his pants.
Allesandro: Well, you said that we accept the Discover Card, which we do not.

Joanna: If you must know the truth, I didn't want to lose a perfectly good assistant.
Rachel: What?
Joanna: That's why I said all those things about your flirting, and your drinking...
Rachel: My drinking?
Joanna: Oh, I must have said that after you left.
Rachel: Said what, exactly?
Joanna: That you enjoy the occasional binge.

Joey: So you've just been sitting around here all morning?
Ross: No. I balanced my checkbook.
Chandler: Yeah, And I... I gave first names to all the foosball players.

Ross: Hey hey hey, when, uh, when were we on a boat?
Chandler: Remember that really cold morning, when you woke up and those dogs were licking your face?
Ross: Yeah.
Chandler: Okay, those were seals, man.

Monica: I got offered the head chef job at Alessandro's.
Phoebe: What?
Monica: It's okay, because, you know what, if you think about it, you don't really need me for the business.
Phoebe: You're the cook! Without you it's just me driving up to people's houses with empty trays and asking for money!

Chandler: I'm 29 years old, damn it! And I want to sit in a comfortable chair, and watch television, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.
Joey: Yeah, yeah. And I'd like to hang out in a quite place where I can talk to my friends.
Ross: Yeah. And so what if I like to go home, throw on some Kenny G, and take a bath.
Joey: We're 29; we're not women.

Phoebe: Wow, you really wanted me to do something with this van. You know what? I want you to take the chef job.
Monica: Really?
Phoebe: Yeah. That's what you really want. Yeah, I don't want to be the reason you're unhappy. That would just make me unhappy. And I really don't want to be the reason I'm unhappy.
Monica: Thank you.
Phoebe: Besides, it might be kinda fun to form the new A-Team.


Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Peter Bonerz
Alison LaPlaca as Joanna
Taylor Negron as Allesandro
Richard Fancy as Mr. Posner (man on hiring committee)
Jennifer Rhodes as Mrs. Lynch (woman on hiring committee)
Laura Dean as Sophie
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Aired 12/11/97, 6/18/98