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The One Where Rachel Quits

Episode 3.10

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Gunther re-trains Rachel on how to be a waitress; she realizes it's time to quit working at the coffee shop. Ross accidentally breaks a little girl's leg, and ends up selling Brown Bird Cookies for her so she can go to Space Camp. Monica's childhood cookie habit returns. Joey gets a job at a Christmas tree lot. Phoebe tries to come to terms with the cruelty of having a Christmas tree.

The one where they said....

Chandler: Well, as old as he is in dog years, do you think Snoopy should still be allowed to fly this thing?

Monica: You broke a little girl's leg?
Ross: I know. I feel horrible, okay.
Chandler: Says here that a muppet got whacked on Sesame Street last night. Where exactly were you around ten-ish?

Rachel: Huh. Well, ya know that's actually a really good idea, because that way they'll be closer to the mugs. You know what? You should have the other waitresses do that too.
Gunther: They already do. That's why they call it the "tray spot."
Rachel: Gee, I always heard them talk about that. I sorta just thought it was, like, a club they went to.

Ross: No, hi, I-I'm an honorary Brown Bird.
Woman: What does that mean?
Ross: Uh, well, it means that I can sell cookies, but I'm not invited to sleep-overs.

Phoebe: So, what happens to the old guys?
Joey: Well, they go into the chipper.
Phoebe: Why do I have a feeling that's not as happy as it sounds?

Monica: Alright, I'll take one box of the mint treasures; one, and that's it. I-I started gaining weight after I joined the Brown Birds. Remember, Dad bought every one of my boxes and I ate them all?
Ross: Uh, no Mon. Dad had to buy every one of your boxes because you ate them all.

Gunther (to Rachel): And when you have a second later, I wanna show you why we don't just trap spiders under coffee mugs and leave them there.

Gunther: Remind me to review with you which pot is de-caf and which is regular.
Rachel: Can't I just look at the handles on them?
Gunther: You would think.

Ross: Okay, the other night I was leaving the museum just as "Laser Floyd" was letting out of the planetarium. Without even trying I sold fifty boxes! That's when it occurred to me--the key to my success: the munchies. So I, ah, I started hitting the NYU dorms around midnight. I am selling cookies by the case. They call me, "Cookie Duuude!"

Charla: You're a big scrud.
Ross: What's a scrud?
Charla: Why don't you look in the mirror, scrud.
Ross: I don't have too. I can just look at you!

Troop Leader: Charla, 278. Sorry, dear, but still good.
Ross: Good for a scrud.

Chandler: Tell us what happened, Brown Bird Ross.
Ross: Well, I lost. Some little girl loaned her uniform to her nineteen year old sister, who went down to the U.S.S. Nimitz, and sold over 2,000 boxes.

Phoebe: You saved them! You guys! Oh God, you're the best!
Chandler: It's like "Night of the Living Dead Christmas Trees."


Written by Michael Curtis and Gregory S. Malins
Directed by Terry Hughes
Mae Whitman as Sarah Tuttle
Shelley Berman as Mr. Kaplan, Jr.
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Kyla Pratta as Charla Nichols ("Scrud")
Romy Rosemont as Troop Leader
Sandra Gould as Old Woman
Gene Crane as Christmas Tree Customer
Aired 12/12/96, 5/29/97