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The One With The Football

Episode 3.09

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The girls cook Thankgiving dinner while the guys watch a football game on TV; all six decide to play football together. Monica and Ross compete for the "Geller Cup." Joey and Chandler compete for a Dutch girl. Rachel goes long. Phoebe flashes the other team.

The one where they said....

Joey: Come on, man. You never wanna do anything since you and Janice broke up.
Chandler: That's not true! I wanted to wear my bathrobe and eat peanut clusters all day. I wanted to start drinking in the morning. Don't say that I don't have goals!

Joey: Alright, we have to pick captains.
Chandler: And then Tennilles.

Monica: Losers walk!
Ross: Yeah? losers talk!
Chandler: No, no, no, actually, losers rhyme.

Joey: Alright, that's it. You know, I was still gonna let you have her. But now, forget about it. Prepare to feel very bad about yourself.
Chandler: Hey, well, I've been preparing for that my entire life! Or something about you that's mean!

Ross: Cheater, cheater, compulsive eater!

Monica: Because the winner gets this!
Ross: The Geller Cup!
Chandler: Is everybody else seeing a troll doll nailed to a two by four?
Everybody else: Yeah.
Chandler: Okay, good.

Chandler: Hold on a second Joe. Where do Dutch people come from?
Joey: Uh well, the, uh, Pennsylvania Dutch come from Pennsylvania.
Chandler: And the other, uh, other Dutch people, they come from somewhere near the Netherlands, right?
Joey: Nice try. See the Netherlands is this make believe place where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell come from.
Margha: Oh, my.
Ross: Enough with geography for the insane, okay? Let's play some ball, guys.

Chandler: You hear that? That is her truth, Mr. I'll-let-you-have-her! I win! You suck! I rule all! Mini-wave in celebration of me!

Chandler: You know what? It doesn't matter, because she picked me. Me! From now on I get the dates and you have to stay home on Saturday nights watching Ready, Set, Cook!

Chandler: Guys, guys! Come on, it's Thanksgiving! It's not important who wins or loses. The important thing is, the Dutch girl picked me! Me! Not you! Holland loves Chandler! Thank you, Amsterdam! Good night!

Rachel: We should definately play football more often. Maybe there's like a league we could join or something.
Phoebe: Isn't there a national football league.
Chandler: Yes, yes there is. They play on Sundays and Monday nights.
Rachel: Oh shoot! I work Monday nights.


Written by Ira Ungerleider
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Susanna Voltaire as Margha
Aired 11/21/96, 5/22/97