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The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding

Episode 2.24

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Joey has an audition for a movie directed by Warren Beatty; the part involves kissing another man, and Joey tries to find one to practice with. Rachel prepares to be the maid of honor at Mindy's wedding to Barry. The bridesmaid's dresses are hideous. Going to the wedding is even more painful than Rachel expected. Her dress gets caught in her underwear, she finds out that Barry's parents told everyone she was insane from syphilis, and Barry and his best man make jokes about her. But she finds the strength to stay. Chandler meets a woman on the Internet; he really likes her. He finds out she's married, but decides to meet her anyway. She turns out to be Janice. Monica asks Richard about his plans for the future, and discovers he doesn't want to start having kids again. While at Barry and Mindy's wedding, they decide their relationship is over.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: All right, I'll do it. I kissed him before I can do it again.
Joey: You see this, this is a friend.
Phoebe: Uh huh, let's go. Oh, wait I have gum. Okay. [They kiss.] Good, very good. Firm but tender. I'd recommend you to a friend.

Phoebe: Oh! Someone's wearing the same clothes they had on last night. Someone get a little action?
Chandler: I may have.
Monica: Woo-hoo! Stud!
Ross: What's she look like?
Chandler: Well, we haven't exactly met, we just stayed up all night talking on the Internet.
Monica: Woo-hoo! Geek!

Chandler: Well, I think you should seriously consider the marriage thing. Give Rachel another chance to dress up like Princess Bubble Yum.

Joey: Come on, Chandler! I want this part soo much. Just one kiss, I won't tell anyone.
Chandler: Joey, no means no!

Phoebe: What if the husband person is the wrong guy, and you are the right guy. I mean you don't get chances like this all the time. If you don't meet her now, you're gonna be kicking yourself when you're eighty, which is hard to do, and that's how you break a hip.

Ross: All right, I've been feeling incredibly guilty about this, because I wanna be a good friend, and damn it, I am a good friend. So just... just shut up and close your eyes.
[Ross kisses Joey.]
Joey: Wow, you are a good friend. Of course the audition was this morning, and I didn't get it. But that was a hell of a kiss. Rachel is a very lucky girl.


Teleplay by Brown Mandell
Story by Ira Ungerleider
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Tom Selleck as Dr. Richard Burke
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Mitchell Whitfield as Barry Farber
Jana Marie Hupp as Mindy
Peter Spears as Joel
Jackie Bright as Mr. Weinberg
Fritzi Burr as Mrs. Weinberg
Mindy Sterling as Wedding Planner
Aired 5/16/96, 9/12/96