I don't have a search engine for you, but you can quickly and accurately identify just about any episode you're looking for by following these instructions:

1. Go to my "Single Document Version" of the Episode Guide (link near the bottom of this doc). It has the plot summaries of all episodes. (Don't go there now, read the rest of the instructions first!) It is long, so wait for it to load completely.

2. Pull down your browser's EDIT menu and select "Find in this page." (Or use CNTL-F).

3. Type one word (yes, it's best to use just one) that you expect to appear in the plot summary you're trying to identify. For example, if you're looking for the episode where Phoebe and Rachel's apartment burned down, you might search on the word "burn" or "fire". Try not to use a word that is likely to show up in too many episodes, like "apartment."

4. See what that turns up. Keep hitting "find next" if necessary, to move to the next occurrence of that word.

5. If you get to the end and still haven't found the episode you want, try searching on a different word.

Ready? Then go to the Single Document Version of the Episode Guide.

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