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The One In Barbados, part 2

Episode 9.24

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The weather in Barbados is finally nice, but only during Ross's speech. Rachel and Joey giggle over the term "Homo-Erectus." After the speech, while it rains again, Monica and Mike get into a ping-pong match and their competitive sides really take over. Monica hurts her hand, so Chandler finishes for her -- and wins. Joey and Charlie realize they don't have anything in common, and break up. Joey learns of Rachel's feelings for him, but doesn't feel he can do anything about it because of Ross. Meanwhile, Ross and Charlie spend more time together, and realize their feelings for each other. They kiss; Joey sees them, and decides not to let Ross stand between himself and Rachel. He returns and kisses her.

The one where they said....

Joey: At least we're both having fun.
Charlie: Yeah. Is it weird that it's not with each other?
Joey: Yeah. A little bit, yeah.
Charlie: I think we need to talk.
Joey: I think we do. About what?

Chandler: Okay, you've each won a game, and I've lost what feels like a year of my life. So everybody goes home a winner.
Monica: Best two out of three?
Mike: That's what I'm thinking.
Chandler: Should I use my invisibility to fight crime, or for evil?

Monica: When did you stop sucking?
Chandler: I never sucked, I just didn't want you to know how good I was.
Monica: Why?
Chandler: I don't know.
Monica: This is so great, now we can enter doubles tournaments!
Chandler: That's why.


Written by Marta Kauffman & David Crane
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Paul Rudd as Mike Hanigan
Aisha Tyler as Charlie Wheeler
John Balma part Professor Jarvis Oberblau
Robert Alan Bluth as Professor Klarik
Alison Shanks as Mrs. Nancy Oberblau
Aired 5/15/2003, 9/18/2003, 11/27/2003