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The One With The Blind Dates

Episode 9.14

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Phoebe and Joey set up Rachel on Ross on terrible blind dates, in hopes that they'll realize by comparison how good they are together. Joey arranges for Ross to be stood up, and Phoebe arranges for Rachel to go out with Steve (the Stoned Guy). Monica and Chandler take care of Emma; when she falls asleep, they go into the bedroom to try to make a baby of their own. Joey comes into the apartment and Emma wakes up, so he takes her to his place. Once they return from the bedroom and discover Emma is gone, they panic. Joey tries to get someone to name their first child Joey, to carry on his "family name."

The one where they said....

Ross: I think Rachel and I need to get on with our lives. Maybe start seeing other people.
Joey: Wow. Really?
Ross: Yeah, sure, why not. In fact, if you know anyone that would be good for me...
Joey: Sure, I know lots of girls.
Ross: Yeah? Any names come to mind?
Joey: Ooh, names?

Phoebe: You know what? Maybe once they start dating, and they see what's out there, they'll realize how good they are for each other.
Joey: Yeah, because it is slim pickins. I had this date last night -- yuck. But we should probably keep it down, she's still in the bedroom.

Monica: You better hope I'm pregnant, because one way or another, we're giving a baby back to Rachel!

Monica: Why the hell did you take her?
Joey: Because you two were having sex!
Monica: No we weren't!
Joey: Don't you lie to me! I can tell by Chandler's hair. [To Chandler:] You are so lazy. Can't you get on top for once?


Written by Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Jon Lovitz as Steve (The Stoned Guy)
Aired 2/6/2003, 4/10/2003, 7/31/2003