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The One With Rachel's Other Sister

Episode 9.08

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Chandler convinces Monica to use the good china dishes for Thanksgiving. Joey forgets he's supposed to be in the Thanksgiving parade with the rest of the Days of Our Lives cast, so Phoebe teaches him how to lie to his producer. Rachel's other sister (Amy) shows up unexpectedly for Thanksgiving and is upset when she finds out Chandler and Monica get Emma if Ross and Rachel die. And Chandler is upset that he only gets Emma if Monica is alive. Amy can't get Emma's or Phoebe's names right, carelessly insults everyone, and in general drives everyone crazy.

The one where they said....

Rachel: Emma, this is your first thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Mommy's boobies?
Ross: A lot of people are thankful for those.

Ross: Hey, Amy!
Rachel: Oh, Amy, you remember ross.
Amy: Not really. You are much cuter than that geeky guy she used to date.
Ross: That was me.
Amy: No, he was this creepy guy from high school who had this huge crush on her since like the ninth grade.
Ross: Still me.
Amy: No, I'm not talking about you. [To Rachel:] Come on, it was your fat friend's brother, with that bad afro, remember?
Ross: Amy, I'm gonna save you some time, okay? All me!

Monica: Careful. Careful. Careful!
Chandler: I'll tell you what. For the rest of our lives, I'll be careful unless told otherwise.

Amy: Oh, she's precious. Do you ever worry that she's gonna get your real nose?
Rachel: Amy! [Hesitating.] Yes, I do. I really do.

Amy: You know what would be incredible! If you guys died!
Ross: Thank you, Amy!
Amy: No, no. Then I would get the baby. I mean, you know, it would be just like a movie. Like, at first I wouldn't know what to do with her, then I would rise to the occasion. Then I'd get a make-over, and then I'd get married.
Phoebe: That's a great movie!

Amy: This is such a slap in the face. I mean, I'm am your sister. And you would give your baby to these strangers over me.
Rachel: Monica is Ross's sister.
Amy: No, Ross's sister was really fat.
Monica: That was me.
Amy: No, she was this really dorky girl in high school who used to follow Rachel around like a puppy.
Rachel: Amy, you've got to stop doing that!

Chandler: So let me just get this straight. So my two friends die; I get Emma; then my wife dies; then Emma, the one tiny ray of hope left in my life, get's taken away from me?
Phoebe: There's your movie!

Monica: What are you doing?
Joey: Setting the table.
Phoebe: Yeah, we thought it might be nice to use the fancy china for desert, too.
Monica: Oh, how nice. Maybe later we can all go blow our noses on my wedding dress.

Amy: You don't want me to be happy. You have always been jealous of me.
Rachel: Jealous of what? Of your lack of responsibility? Your... your immaturity? Your total disregard for other people's feelings?
Amy: Uh, to name a few!


Written by Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Christina Applegate as Amy Green
Aired 11/21/2002, 3/6/2003, 5/1/2003, 11/20/2003