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The One With The Sharks

Episode 9.04

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Ross points out that Phoebe's never been in a long term relationship, which freaks her out just as she leaves on a date with Mike. Ross tracks down Mike later to explain why Phoebe was so disturbed, but just makes things worse with a fictional story about a six-year relationship she had. Chandler has to stay the weekend in Tulsa, so Monica flies there to surprise him. He's watching porn when she arrives, but he changes the channel quickly, which makes her think he gets off to shark documentaries. Joey meets a hot woman (Hayley) and starts dating her, but he recognizes her apartment and thinks he's slept with her before. She obviously doesn't remember it so he finally confronts her about it, only to find out he previously dated her roommate.

The one where they said....

Monica: We'll have a little second honeymoon at the Tulsa Ramada.
Joey: Oh, and you know what you should bring? Your black see-through teddy with the attached garters.
Monica: How do you know I have one of those?
Joey: Didn't until just now.

Joey: Look, I don't normally ask out women that I meet in coffee houses.
Gunther: Ha!
Joey: Gesundheit.
Joey: But, uh...
Hayley: I would love to go out with you.
Joey: Really? Great. Did I... Did I actually ask you?
Hayley: Oh, um, that's just where you were going. I figured I'd help you out. You don't seem like the kind of guy who does this alot.
Gunther: Ha!
Joey: Seriously, Gunther, you should see someone about that cold. If it gets much worse, you could die!

Rachel: Guys are just different. They like things that we can't understand. You know, I once dated this guy who wanted to pretend that he was an archeologist, and that I was this naughty cave women who he unfroze from a block of ice.
Monica: Oo, are you talking about my brother?
Rachel: Yeah, I didn't disguise that very well, did I.

Monica: Joey, you don't think sharks are sexy do you?
Joey: No. Wait a minute, wait. What was the little mermaid?


Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Ben Weiss
Paul Rudd as Mike Hanigan
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Susan Ward as Hayley
Nikita Ager as Hayley's Roommate
Aired 10/17/2002, 2/27/2003, 6/12/2003