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The One Where Emma Cries

Episode 9.02

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The gang has a welcome-home party for Rachel. When Emma sleeps, Rachel misses her, so she wakes her up. Nothing can get her back to sleep. Chandler, nervous about a big meeting, has missed a night of sleep, and falls asleep in the meeting. At the end, he wakes up just in time to unknowingly agree to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Monica won't agree to it, but management won't let him off the hook. Ross is still angry with Joey for being engaged (even if by accident) to Rachel. Joey tries to get Ross to punch him, but then ducks and Ross hits a post, breaking his thumb. Joey continues causing additional injuries to Ross. Joey doesn't understand the "quotes" gesture. "SuperMonica" finally gets Emma to go back to sleep.

The one where they said....

Rachel: Oh, Ross, can you stop by the coffee house and get me a muffin?
Ross: Oh, sure, what kind?
Rachel: Um, let me think. What do I want?. What do I want?
Ross: Please, take your time, It's an important decision. Not like, say, I don't know, deciding to marry someone. This is about a muffin.

Ross: You can go, I just have to fill out some forms.
Joey: You, uh, you want me to help you with that?
Ross: Why, does it look like I'm having trouble with my misshapen claw?
Joey: Name? No, I know, "Ross," but what's it short for? You know, like Rossle? Rostipher?
Ross: Just Ross.
Joey: Pretty. Okay, date of birth?
Ross: You know my birthday!
Joey: Sure. May... tember...
Ross: October 18th.
Joey: Occupation? Dinosaurs.
Ross: Actually, I'm a paleon.... "Dinosaurs" is fine. The drawing is not.
Joey: Alright, who do you want as your emergency contact?
Ross: Uh, Rachel, I guess.
Joey: Okay. Relationship? Oo boy, this could take a while.

Monica: I can't believe it, she's asleep! I got her to go to sleep! I have actual magical powers!
Phoebe: I can hear traffic and birds! I can hear the voices in my head again!


Written by Dana Klein Borkow
Directed by Sheldon Epps
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Janet Hubert as Ms. McKenna (Elaine)
Aired 10/3/2002, 1/23/2003