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The One With The Birthing Video

Episode 8.15

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Rachel likes living with Ross, except for all the documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Joey's yearning for Rachel worsens. Pheobe brings over a friend's dog to cheer Joey up. Soon even the dog is bummed out. Mona gives Ross salt-water taffy, and Ross reveals his knowledge of boring taffy trivia. Valentine's Day is ruined for Chandler after he watches a child-birth video (which he mistook for porn). Monica doesn't understand why he's so bothered by it, until she watches it as well. Then Rachel (for whom the video was intended) gets a bit freaked out, too. Ross prepares just the right way to tell Mona that Rachel has moved in with him. But Mona comes over to his apartment early and finds out ahead of schedule. Then she dumps him. Ross, sensing Joey's mood, gets him to talk about his "girl trouble." Joey reveals (to Ross) his feelings for Rachel.

The one where they said....

Ross: You don't want my opinion?
Monica: Not really.
Ross: Come on, I'm your older brother. Ask me.
Monica: Oh. Oh, okay, big brother. Which one of these do you think would make your little sister look hotter, so your best friend would want to do her?
Ross (after pausing awkwardly): The red one.

Chandler: I'm not really in a sexy mood right now.
Monica: Hey, what's going on?
Chandler: Well, remember the first time you saw Jaws, how long it took to go back in the water?

Ross: Why don't you open the champagne, and I will be right back. I've got a surprise for you!
Mona: You've got another ex-wife back there?
Ross: Please start drinking.

Mona: Listen, Ross is too nice to say anything, but this is his apartment, and we've got to have some boundaries. So why don't you go back to your place, and... and give us some privacy.
Rachel: But Mona, I live here.
Ross (with gift): Happy Valentine's Day! Or something to remember me by.

Chandler: It haunts me! Up 'til now, the worst thing I ever saw was my father doing tequila shots of the naked house-boy. After this, I would gladly make that my screen saver.


Written by Dana Klein Borkow
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Aired 2/7/2002, 5/30/2002