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The One With The Stain

Episode 8.07 - Dedicated to the memory of Pearl Harmon

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Chandler hires a maid (Brenda), but Monica isn't sure she wants anyone else cleaning the apartment. She becomes convinced that the maid is stealing clothes - her stained jeans and her bra. Eric breaks up with Ursula and starts seeing Phoebe. The relationship starts a little weird, because Eric (upset from the break-up) gets angry when he sees Ursula... or her twin. It crosses the line when Ursula comes by and he has sex with her, thinking it's Phoebe. Rachel looks for a new apartment so she can have her own place once the baby comes. Ross helps Rachel stake a claim to an apartment in his building, occupied by a woman (who only speaks Dutch) on the verge of death. But Rachel decides not to move.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: I'm going out with Eric! Oh, this day is really going to be so much better than I thought it was going to be. Oh, Ross, I can't make lunch.

Ross: You're moving?
Rachel: Yeah. I can't live with Joey once the baby comes. I don't want my child's first words to be, "How you doin'?"

Phoebe: No, don't tear out your eyes!
Eric: I was just going to take out my lenses.
Phoebe: Oh, yeah, try that. So, is that better?
Eric: Not really. You're blurry, but you still look like Ursula. You're Blursula.

Phoebe: What sex?
Eric: Our sex.
Phoebe: We didnt' have sex.
Eric: Well, if I didn't have sex with you, I had sex with someone who looked an awful lot like...
Phoebe: Ew, ew!

Phoebe: So I guess this is it.
Eric: Yeah. Maybe it's for the best. You smell just like her.
Phoebe: Yeah, so do you.

Joey: And, uh, oh look, here's a baby monitor, which, until the baby comes, we can use as walkie-talkies!
Rachel: Oh, you're so sweet! Oh my God, and you gave the baby Hugsie! [Joey's stuffed toy Penquin].
Joey: Uh... that, that, that's really just to show were the baby would go. You know what? Why don't I hold on to him to there's no confusion. Okay?


Written by R. Lee Fleming, Jr.
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Sean Penn as Eric
Arden Myrin as Brenda
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Dale Raoul as Mrs. Verhoven
Aired 11/08/2001, 4/11/2002, 7/18/2002