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The One With The Video Tape

Episode 8.04

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Monica and Chandler return from their honeymoon, having made friends with another couple on the flight home. Afterwards they discover that the phone number the couple gave them is wrong, and they begin to wonder if they didn't make a good impression. The gang ask Ross and Rachel how they got together the night she became pregnant. Rachel tells the story; when she says that Ross was the one to make the first move, an argument ensues. Ross announces that he can prove his side of the story, because he has the whole thing on video tape. Later, Ross (without Rachel) explains to Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey what happened that night. In the form of flashbacks, we learn that Ross had been going through a sexual "dry spell" and Joey gave him help in the form of a seductive story to tell his date (Kristen), about back-packing in western Europe. It didn't go very well, so later Ross was practicing the story in front of a video camera. Rachel came in, and Ross forgot to turn off the camera. He and Rachel began talking about their relationship. One thing led to antoher, and they ended up having sex on tape. Ross shows the first few minutes of the tape and settles the argument.

The one where they said....

Ross: Do you have a minute? I'd like to talk with you about something I'm really uncomfortable talking about.
Joey: Sure. How about, uh, you showering with your mom?
Ross: I actually had a topic in mind.

Monica: I still don't get why Brad and Jenny would give us a fake number.
Joey: You know, if they knew what they were doing, they probably didn't give you real names, either.
Monica: Okay, maybe people give out fake numbers, but they don't give out fake names.
Joey: Oh yeah? [to Phoebe] Hi, Ken Adams. Nice to meet ya.
Phoebe: Regina Phelange.

Chandler: I just don't get it. We didn't do anything wrong!
Monica: I know. Although you did tell an awful lot of jokes.
Chandler: I thought you said those jokes were funny! Joke, joke, joke, joke!
Monica: Joke, joke, blah, blah!
Chandler: Well maybe it was all of your questions.
Monica: What was wrong with my questions?
Chandler:The sheer volume. It was like flying with The Riddler.
Monica: I'm sorry, was that another joke?
Chandler: Was that another question?

Rachel: Clearly you don't want people to see this tape. Now, I don't want people to see it either. But you so badly don't want people to see it that it makes me want to see it. Do you see?

On tape:
Ross: Hey, remember... remember the night they got engaged? How you and I almost...
Rachel: Oh, I remember how we almost.... Do you think we would have gone through with it? You know, if we hadn't gotten caught? I mean, do you think we would've done it?
Ross: Well, I mean, I know I wanted to. I just... I just wasn't sure if you wanted to.
Rachel: Oh, I wanted to.
Ross: So we... we both wanted to.
Rachel: Interesting.
Ross: Mm. Anyway, um, it probably worked out for the best.
Rachel: Yeah, sure.
While watching the tape:
Rachel: Okay, in about ten seconds you're going to see him kiss me.
Ross: And in about five seconds, you're going to see why.
On tape:
Rachel: Ross, have I ever told you about the time I went back-packing through western Europe?
While watching the tape:
Rachel: Okay, get ready to see some begging!
Pheobe: Oh, you came on to Ross!
Rachel: What?
Ross: Now I'm so happy.
Rachel: What are you talking about?
Monica: You used the Europe story!
Chandler: That's the magic story you use when you want to have sex!
Rachel: How do you know about that story?
Joey: How do you know about that story?
Rachel: I heard it from my friend Irene, who heard it from some guy!
Joey (raising his hand, pointing to himself): Some guy!
Rachel: No, no, she told me that his name was Ken Adams.
Joey (raising his hand, pointing to himself): Ken Adams!

Ross: Oh, there... there go the clothes.
Rachel: You are undressing awfully quickly.
Ross: Six months, Rachel, six months.
Both: Ah. Huh. Hey!
Ross: We look... we look pretty good!
Rachel: I was gonna say!
Ross: Whoa, nice tan!
Rachel: Thank you. I had just gone to the beach that weekend.
Ross: Ah.
Rachel: Oh, have you been working out?
Ross: I had been working out.
Rachel: Well, this is so much better that I ever...
Both: Oh! Ew!
Ross: Oh, that's not pretty!


Written by Scott Silveri
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Lisa Thornhill as Kristen
Aired 10/18/2001, 1/3/2002, 5/9/2002, 10/24/2002