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The One With Ross's Library Book

Episode 7.07

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Joey has a one night stand and wants Rachel to dump the girl (Erin) for him. Not only can't Rachel do it, but she and Phoebe become friends with Erin and arrange for Joey to go out with her again. Joey decides he really likes Erin, but Erin decides there isn't a future in the relationship. Ross discovers that his Doctoral Thesis is in NYU's library. When he goes to visit it, he finds that it's in a remote corner frequented by couples engaging in sexual activities. He begins to patrol that area of the library, but ends up being a culprit himself. Monica runs into Janice, who invites herself to Monica and Chandler's wedding.

The one where they said....

Ross: Let me ask you something. At your school was there, uh, like a place on campus where students went to, uh, fool around?
Rachel: Yeah, there was. It was in the corner of the library where... where all these dusty books were that nobody ever read.... Yes, there was.
Ross: Great! Because people kept showing up, I think it's like a... a thing!
Joey: Now, hold on a second. Fifth floor, against that back wall?
Ross: Oh for cryin' out loud!

Ross: Excuse me. Hi, I'm a professor here. Do you know the Paleontology section, fifth floor, stack 437?
The Librarian: Well, yes! Just give me five minutes, I just have to find someone to cover my shift.
Ross: No! No! No! Can I speak to someone in charge please?

Rachel: Wow. Well, I guess it wasn't Cupid who brought her here.
Phoebe: No, just a regular old flying dwarf.

Ross: I'm a professor here, uh, Ross Geller.
Woman: Ross Geller, why do I know that name? It's, uh.... Wait! Did you write this?
Ross: Yes! You're the person who checked out my book!


Written by Scott Silveri
Directed by David Schwimmer
Kristin Davis as Erin
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Michael D. Robert as The Head Librarian
Doug Budin as The Librarian
Sarah O'Hare as The Woman
Alexandra Margulies as The Waitress
Andy Brewster as The Guy In The Library
Nicholas Thomas as The Guy Student
Jessica A. O'Sullivan as The Girl Student
Aired 11/16/2000, 3/1/2001, 8/9/2001