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The One With The Engagement Picture

Episode 7.05

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Monica and Chandler try to get a good engagement picture, but it seems impossible because Chandler can't seem to smile properly when there's a camera involved. Phoebe and Ross date a couple who're getting divorced. They constantly argue about their dates' bad qualities. Ross ponders starting a divorced men's club. Rachel arranges for her assistant, Tag, to spend time with Joey, so he can't go out with women at the store. But Joey hooks him up with lot of women. Joey keeps staining his shirts.

The one where they said....

Monica: What's the matter?
Chandler: Someone on the subway licked my neck! Licked my neck!
Phoebe: Oh, Willy's still alive!

Rachel: Hey look, look! Phoebe's talking to, uh, Cute Coffeehouse Guy.
Ross: Oh, you guys call him, "Cute Coffeehouse Guy." We call him, "Hums While He Pees."
Chandler: Yes, and we call Ross, "Lingers In The Bathroom."

Chandler: Rach, if you have a crush on this guy, why would you hire him? I mean, you know you can't date him, right?
Rachel: Oh, no, I know that. I know that. Although we made a joke that we spend so much time together, he should call me his work wife.
Ross: Soon he'll be able to call you that lady he knew that got fired.

Ross (looking at a picture): I like this one. It seems to say, "I love you, and that's why I have to kill you."

Phoebe: So, how are things going with "Crazy"? Has she cooked your rabbit yet?
Ross: Listen, you are hearing one side of the story, okay? And F.Y.I., she must've shown Kyle over 30 paint samples before she painted that room! And his response to each one was, "I don't give a tiny rat's ass."
Phoebe: Yeah, well, maybe she should've spent a little less time decorating and a little more time in the bedroom.
Ross: Well, I don't think we are gonna have that problem, but maybe that's just because I am not emotionally unavailable!
Phoebe: You think he's emotionally unavailable?
Ross: I think he can be.
Phoebe: Well, maybe he wouldn't be she didn't bring the office home every night!
Ross: Well, excuse her for knowing what she wants to do with her life!
Phoebe: Yeah well, she certainly knew what she was doing New Year's Eve 1997.
Ross: I knew you were gonna throw that in my face! That was three years ago! She apologized and apologized! What more do you want?
Phoebe: We want the last six years back!
Ross: So do we! So do we!


Teleplay by Patty Lin
Story by Earl Davis
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Eddie Cahill as Tag Jones
David Sutcliffe as Kyle
Julia Campbell as Whitney
Caroline Keenan as Melissa
Roger Eschbacher as Photographer
Aired 11/2/2000, 3/8/2001