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The One With Rachel's Book

Episode 7.02

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Monica begins to make wedding plans with Rachel's help; Chandler feels left out. Phoebe wants to give Monica and Chandler some time alone, so she moves in with Ross for a couple days. But Ross is not happy with her running the massage business from his apartment. While Phoebe is out, he agrees to give a massage, thinking the client is a beautiful young woman, but it turns out to be her old, overweight father. The duck gets sick after eating Rachel's face cream. Chandler and Monica find out that Mr. and Mrs. Geller have spent Monica's wedding fund. Chandler has enough savings to cover it, but isn't sure that's the way he wants to use the money. Joey finds an erotic book that Rachel's been reading, and won't let her live it down.

The one where they said....

Rachel: Yeah, we got a lot to do! We gotta think about the flowers, the caterers, the music...
Chandler: Oh, I got some thoughts on that.
Rachel: Oh wait Chandler, too many cooks...
Ross: Take from me, as the groom all you have to do is show up and try to say the right name.

Ross: The wedding book? I haven't seen that since the forth grade!
Monica: This baby has got everything. Take, you know, locations, for instance. First, organized alphabetically; then geographically; then by square footage.
Phoebe: That is so smart! [Whispering to Chandler:] Break it off. Break it off now!

Judy Geller: So Chandler, your parents must've been thrilled when you told them you were engaged.
Chandler: Oh yeah, I should probably call them.

Jack Geller: I remember when we first got engaged.
Chandler: Oh, I don't think I ever heard that story.
Monica: Oh Dad, really you don't need to...
Jack Geller: Well, I'd gotten Judy pregnant. I still don't know that happened.
Judy Geller: You don't know how that happened? Your dog thought my diaphragm was a chew toy!
Chandler: What a sweet story.
Monica: Well, at least you're not hearing it for the first time at your fifth grade Halloween party.
Jack Geller: What? They wanted a scary story!

Rachel: What happened at dinner?
Monica: My parents spent the money for our wedding!
Phoebe: My God! What did you order?

Joey: Dude, what wee you massaging an old man for?
Ross: His daughter was hot.
Joey: Gotcha.

Monica: Hey listen. Um, when... when you were talking about our future, you said, "cat," but you meant dog, right?
Chandler: Oh, yeah, totally!
Monica: Oh good.


Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Suzanne Lanza as The Woman
Aired 10/12/2000, 12/28/2000, 8/2/2001