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The One With The Proposal, part II

Episode 6.25

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To make his eventual proposal a surprise, Chandler begins his campaign to convince Monica he never wants to get married. Richard shows up at Monica's restaurant and tells her he still loves her, leading Monica struggling with what she wants for her future. Joey hangs out in his new Captain's outfit. Rachel and Phoebe talk about having backups: guys to marry if they're not married by the time they're 40. Rachel tries to line up Ross as a backup, but discovers Phoebe has already made that deal with Ross... and with Joey, too. The four of them have a confrontation and decide that Ross is Rachel's backup, and Joey is Phoebe's. Chandler and Monica finally get engaged.

The one where they said....

Monica: So, that marriage stuff that you were saying yesterday, you don't really believe that do you?
Chandler: Sure I do. In fact, I think the whole concept of marriage is unnatural. I mean look at pigs. Let's take a second here and look at pigs. Okay, pigs don't mate for life. I mean a pig can have like a hundred sexual partners in a lifetime, and that's just an ordinary pig, not even a pig that's good at sports!

Joey [wearing his Captain uniform]: Where the hell have you been?
Chandler: I was making a coconut phone with the professor.

Chandler: Yeah I even got a ring. Did you get a ring?
Richard: No, I don't have a ring! You go get her Chandler. And can I give you a piece of advice? If you do get her, don't let her go. Trust me.
Chandler: Y'know, Richard.... You are a good guy.
Richard: I know. I hate that!


Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Tom Selleck as Dr. Richard Burke
Alexandra Margulies as The Waitress
Aired 5/18/00, 5/24/00, 10/5/00, 3/4/04