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The One Where Paul's The Man

Episode 6.22

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Monica, not yet engaged, gets on a two-year waiting list to hold a wedding at a local museum; however, due to a cancellation, the museum calls and offers her a spot sooner, to Chandler's surprise. He freaks out... or so it seems. Paul tells Ross to stop dating Elizabeth; Ross and Elizabeth go away for a secret weekend at her grandmother's cabin, but Paul and Rachel show up there as well. Ross gets away with it, thanks to some emotional blackmail. Joey, back in show businees, tries to get his celebrity picture back on a dry cleaner's wall. Gunther realizes Joey's not working at the coffee house any more.

The one where they said....

Ross: Elizabeth and I are going out of town.
Monica: Oh, that's great!
Ross: Yeah.
Monica: Think about all the money that you're gonna make!
Ross: Why? What?
Monica: Well, her father pays you for baby-sitting right?

Paul: So Lizzie, are... are you planning on staying the night?
Elizabeth: Oh, no, no, believe me, I'm leaving as soon as possible!
Paul: Good, good. Not that we don't want you to stay, obviously you're welcome... How much more homework do you have?
Elizabeth: Ah, I just have one problem left that I do not know how to solve. Uh, Rachel maybe you want to come upstairs and help me figure it out?
Rachel: Really? Okay. Okay, I... I'll go upstairs. [to Paul:] If... if you get me something from the car.
Paul: What do you need from the car?
Rachel: Surprise me.

Paul (to himself): Just relax. Just relax, Paul, you're doing great. She likes you. She... maybe, she likes you. She likes you. Youknow why? Because you're a... neat guy. You are the man. You are... The Man! I still got it! Nice and sexy. You're just a love machine. [singing] I'm just a love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you! Hey baby!

Ross: All right, fine! Fine, have me fired! But, uh, I want you to know that you and I are... are not all that different. I mean, I, too, am a neat guy.
Ross: And I, too, am just a love machine.
Paul: Ross... let me show you where the guest room is.

Joey: Hey Gunther.
Gunther: Hey. Take these cappuccinos to table eleven; and that guy over there wants the biscotti.
Joey: Oh, uh, well, I just came in for a cup of coffee to go.
Gunther: Do you still work here?
Joey: No! No, I quit a long time ago. Did I forget to you that? I'm sorry.
Gunther: Oh, that's cool, I was gonna fire you anyway.
Joey: Great!


Teleplay by Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Story by Brian Caldirola
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens
Alexandra Holden as Elizabeth
Merrin Dungey as The Museum Official
Izia Volok as The Dry Cleaner
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Susie Park as The Dry Cleaner's Wife
Aired 5/4/2000, 9/7/2000, 12/21/2000