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The One With Joey's Fridge

Episode 6.19

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Joey's refrigerator breaks down, so he tries to manipulate his friends into paying for part of it. Plus he has to eat all those perishables by himself. Rachel is looking for a date to a charity ball; Phoebe finds a guy for her, but so do Monica and Chandler; things get competitive. Ross and Elizabeth continue their "secret" romance. When Elizabeth announces she's going away for Spring Break, Ross misunderstands and thinks she's asking him to go with her. When he finds out she's going away without him, he starts to worry about how much "partying" she might be planning.

The one where they said....

Rachel (of Elizabeth): When's her birthday?!
Ross: I don't know, Rachel. Why?
Rachel: Well, y'know it's just been so long since I've been to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Monica: Well, uh, you know, our guy works with Chandler and he's really nice, and smart, and he's a great dresser!
Phoebe: Have you seen your guy's body?
Chandler: No, our guy is just a floating head.

Phoebe: My guy is well read.
Chandler: Our guy has great hair.
Phoebe: My guy has great teeth!
Chandler: Our guy smells incredible.
Monica (to Chandler): Do you want our guy to be your guy?

Ross: You don't understand! Elizabeth was about to ask me to go on a trip with her! Is that taking it slow? No, I'm not ready for this! Okay? What... what do I tell her?
Chandler: Just tell her the truth! Tell her you're not ready.
Ross: I can do that. Oh, oh... what if she gets upset?
Chandler: Then you distract her with a Barbie doll.

Chandler: Are you funny? Tell us a joke!
Sebastian: Look, I just wanted to have coffee with Rachel.
Phoebe: Well, so do a lot of people.
Sebastian: Actually, I, uh... I gotta get going. Give me a call sometime.
Rachel: Oh, but, you know, you didn't give me your phone number.
Sebastian: Okay! See you later!
Chandler: Turns out he is kinda funny.

Ross: Then what am I supposed to do?
Phoebe: Nothing, you just have to be cool with it.
Ross: Well, what is she goes down and... and sleeps with a bunch of guys?
Chandler: Well, maybe you don't marry this one.

Ross: Anyway, um, I... I am worried about that bathing suit, not because it's revealing (which I'm fine with), no I'm concerned about your health. Sun exposure.
Elizabeth: Oh, don't worry. I have plenty of sun block. It's SPF-30.
Ross: Well, if what's in the bottle is actually 30. I mean, sometimes you get 30, sometimes you get 4, and I swear to God, more often than not, it's just milk.


Teleplay by Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein
Story by Seth Kurland
Directed by Ben Weiss
Alexandra Holden as Elizabeth
Scott Paetty as Sebastian
Chris Kennedy as Patrick
Josh Coxx as Eldad
Jim Bentley as Professor Friesen
Hunter Cochran as Guy #1
Aired 3/23/2000, 8/17/2000