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The One With The Joke

Episode 6.12

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Ross gets a joke published in Playboy, but Chandler claims it's his. The girls are curious and peruse the Playboy to check out the women, and get into a discussion of which one of the three each would chose to date if they had to pick. Phoebe choses Rachel, which leads to competition and hurt feelings. Joey's cable and phone are disconnected because he couldn't pay. He takes a job as a waiter at the coffee house to earn some extra money. After closing the shop for an hour so he can go to an audition, he is fired. But Rachel tells Gunther to give Joey his job back, and of course Gunther complies.

The one where they said....

Chandler: Hey, Joey, Playboy printed my joke!
Ross: What? No, no, it's mine! It's my joke! You can call them, they'll tell you!
Chandler: It's my joke.
Ross: It's my joke.
Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jokes? You guys know they have naked chicks in there, right?

Phoebe: Ah... Remember the days when you used to go out to the barn, lift up your shirt, and bend over?

Joey: Uh, Gunther, I can't pay for this right now because I'm not working, so I've had to cut down on some luxuries like, uh, paying for stuff.

Monica: She picked Rachel. I mean, she tried to back out of it, but it was obvious. She picked Rachel.
Chandler: He took my joke, he took it.
Monica: It's wrong. You know what else is wrong? Phoebe picking Rachel.
Chandler: You know who else picked Rachel? Ross! You know what else Ross did? He stole my joke. You know what? I'm going to get a joke journal. You know? And document the date and time of every single one of my jokes.
Monica: That's a good idea.
Chandler: Yeah!
Monica: Do you know what's a bad idea?
Chandler: Picking Rachel.
Monica: That's right!

Rachel: Finally, I have someone I can pass on my wisdom to. Let me tell you about a couple of things I learned while working at the coffee house. First of all, the customer is always right. A smile goes a long way. And if anyone is ever rude to you: Sneeze Muffin.
Joey: Thanks, Rach. Look, you guys are just terrific. You know? Now, how about clearing out of here so I can get some new customers. It's all about turnover.
Ross: Joey, seriously, can I get my coffee?
Joey: Oh, I'm sorry, Ross. I'll get it for you right now. And since I made you wait, I'll toss in a free muffin.

Monica: So, maybe I am a little high maintenance. And maybe Rachel is a little bit of a pushover. But you know what we decided you are?
Rachel: Yes, we are very sorry to tell you this, but you, Phoebe, are flaky.
Monica: Hah!
Phoebe: That's true, I am flaky.
Rachel: So, what, you're just... you're just okay with being flaky?
Phoebe: Yeah, totally.
Monica: Well, then, I'm okay with being high maintenance.
Rachel: Yeah, and I am okay with being a pushover.
Phoebe: That's great. Good for you guys.
Monica: I am not high maintenance!
Rachel: I am not a pushover!
Phoebe: Who said you were?
Monica and Rachel: You did!
Phoebe: Oh, I'm flaky. I'll say anything.


Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Gary Halvorson
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
J. D. Lewis as The Customer
Joeanna Sayler as The Woman at the Table
Matthew Mullany as The Patron
Aired 1/13/2000, 4/20/2000