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The One With Joey's Porsche

Episode 6.05

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Rachel and Ross go to a judge to get their annulment, but they air too much dirty laundry. The judge decides they don't qualify for an annulment, so they go to Ross's lawyer for a divorce. Ross makes it pretty obvious that he still loves Rachel. Rachel reveals that it was her drunken idea to get married. Joey finds the keys to someone's Porsche. He decides to wait by the car until the owner shows up. He gets mistaken for the owner, and likes the attention he gets so much that even after the owner takes the car away, he keeps up the charade. Phoebe, Monica and Chandler take care of Frank and Alice's babies. Chandler gets a toy stuck in his throat and Monica takes him to the doctor. Phoebe has to take care of the babies by herself.

The one where they said....

Ross: Okay, maybe it wasn't my best decision. But I just couldn't face another failed marriage.
Chandler: Okay, let me just jump in and ask: At what point did you think this was a successful marriage?

Joey: Hey, somebody left their keys. Oh, to a Porsche! Hey Gunther, these yours?
Gunther: Yeah, that's what I drive. I make four bucks an hour. I saved up for... 350 years.

Ross: Look, if you'd had two failed marriages, you'd understand!
Rachel: Well, you know what? Thanks to you, I'm half way there! Oh! I am so mad! Ross, I don't think I have ever been this angry!
Ross: What about the time I said we were on a break?

Monica: Pheebs, it's going great. Look at Chandler with little baby-girl Chandler.
Chandler: "Little baby-girl Chandler," where I have heard that before? Oh right, Coach Reuben.

Phoebe: Oh, look at little Leslie stretching in her sleep!
Monica: Oh, it's so cute. I wonder what age it is when you stop being able to put both legs behind your head.
Phoebe: Oh, I can still do that.
Monica: How are you still single?

Chandler: Well, I was trying to prove that I was right, you know? And it turns out I was wrong. And now it's lodged in my throat.
Monica: Damn it! You know, this whole time we were concentrating on watching the babies and... and no one was watching Chandler!

Joey: So the Porsche guy took his car back.
Chandler: But you found the keys to his clothes?
Joey: No. No, I just, uh... I just love the way it feels when everybody thinks I own a Porsche.
Monica: And people will think you own a Porsche because you're wearing the clothes?
Joey: Of course! Only an idiot would wear this stuff if you didn't have the car! Right?
Chandler: That is true.
Phoebe: Yeah, but only a genius would swallow a sonic blaster gun.
Joey: Oh, I've been there. Yeah, I am gonna go drive my Porsche.
Monica: Joey, you know, you don't actually have one.
Joey: Come on! What are you doing? I'm in character! Would you talk to her!

Rachel: I didn't want to say anything, but it kinda it just... it kind of kept coming back to me, and umm.... Remember we were in the casino and for some reason you thought it would be funny to eat a lot of grapes. And, uh, and I thought it would be funnier if we got married. So as a... as a compromise we decided first to get married, and then [Ross joins in] to eat a lot of grapes.


Written by Perry Rein & Gigi McCreery
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Conchata Ferrel as The Judge
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Kevin Ruf as The Porsche Owner
Charity Nicole James as The Woman
Shane Nickerson as Guy #1
Dennis Singletary as Guy #2
Steve Pierce as The Passerby
Aired 10/21/99, 12/23/99, 6/1/00