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The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

Episode 5.04

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Rachel catches Monica waiting seductively in her bedroom for Chandler; to cover, Monica tells Rachel she's seeing a guy from work. Monica tells Rachel that her new boyfriend is the best sex she's ever had, and when Chandler hears this he gets a little too proud of himself. Ross finally gets Emily on the phone and they begin planning to work things out; Emily agrees to come to New York but only if Ross doesn't see Rachel anymore. After much agonizing, Ross agrees. Joey gets involved with a PBS pledge drive, believing he's the host; but he's only a phone jockey and not even on camera. Phoebe reveals her hatred for PBS, which started because she never got an answer to a letter she wrote to Sesame Street after her mom died. Joey and Phoebe argue about whether any truly selfless good deeds exist, so Phoebe tries repeatedly to find one.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: Okay, 'cause right after my mom killed herself, I was just in this really bad place, y'know personally. So, I just thought that it'd make me feel better if I wrote to Sesame Street, 'cause they were so nice when I was a little kid. No one ever wrote back.
Chandler: Well, you know, a lot of those Muppets don't have thumbs.

Phoebe: I will find a selfless good deed! I just gave birth to three children and I will not let them be raised in a world where Joey is right!

Ross: Okay then. Here we go. Magic 8-Ball, should I never see Rachel again? "Ask again later." Later is not good enough! "Ask again later." What the hell! This is broken! It... it is broken!
Monica: All right, let me see. Will Chandler have sex tonight? "Don't count on it." Seems like it works to me.


Written by Michael Curtis
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Helen Baxendale as Emily Waltham
Gary Collins as himself
Sandra Thigpen as The Stage Manager
John R. McLaughlin as The PBS Volunteer
Aired 10/15/98, 1/14/99