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The One With a Chick. And a Duck.

Episode 3.21

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The diner where Monica works puts their staff on roller-skates; Monica crashes into Rachel while skating; Rachel's injuries are worse than first believed. Pete buys a restaurant and offers Monica a job as head chef; she's unsure whether to take it, since she still isn't attracted to Pete. Pete makes up a story about another woman so Monica will think he's over her; Phoebe sees right through it but promises not to tell Monica. Joey buys a pet chick for Chandler, but caring for it becomes a source of conflict. Ross has a chance to be on TV as part of a panel of Paleontologists, but gives it up to take Rachel to the hospital. Monica and Pete are about to stop seeing each other, but then they kiss... and Monica finally feels it.

The one where they said....

Monica: Can you believe he just offered me a restaurant?
Rachel: What a jerk! You want me to kick his ass?
Monica: I mean, this has been, like, my dream, since I got my first Easy Bake Oven and opened Easy Monica's Bakery.

Ross: Hey, you guys! Guess what?
Rachel: Got a job on a river boat?
Ross: Ya know what? I didn't wear this suit for a year because you hated it. Well, guess what? You're not my girlfriend anymore so...
Rachel: Oh I see, so this suit is making a point.
Ross: Right.
Rachel: Now that you're on your own, you're free to look as stupid as you like.
Ross (to Monica): You like it, right?
Monica: Oh, absolutely. I like it even more on you than I did on Colonel Sanders. Ross, Ross! I'm kidding!
Rachel: Yeah, come here!
Monica: What was it you were gonna tell us?
Rachel: Yeah. Oh, was it how you invented the cotton gin?

Chandler: So, um, after you put the suggestion in the box, how long did it take for the roller-skating thing to happen?
Phoebe: Um... oh, about three months.
Chandler: Okay, so I guess that's about, uh, two weeks before the topless thing kicks in.

Phoebe: Whoa whoa whoa! You guys, do you know anything about chicks?
Chandler: Fowl? No. Women? ...No.

Phoebe: Iím just saying, this woman... I mean, she's fictitious, no?
Pete: Why would you say that?
Phoebe: 'Cause you're still into Monica. So you told her there was somebody else so she would agree to work with you, so... 'cause you figure, oh, if you spend a lot of time together, maybe something might happen, and...
Pete: You're good. You're good!
Phoebe: Yeah. No, I'm fairly intuitive and psychic. It's a substantial gift.
Pete: Listen, can you promise me that you won't tell her, though?
Phoebe: Absolutely. Oh, I promise. Tell her what?
Pete: Thanks a lot.
Phoebe: No, I'm serious. I mean, I'm intuitive, but my memory sucks.

Chandler: Do you guys know how to get a chick out of a VCR?

Ross: Sorry. 'Cause, um, I think this will make you a little more sophisticated.
Rachel: Sophisticated like a hooker?

Ross: There you go! Good enough for your party, huh?
Rachel: Sure.
Ross: Yeah?
Rachel: Sure, I'll just sit next to the transexual from purchasing.

Ross: Rach, ya know, I can see you naked any time I want.
Rachel: What?
Ross: All I have to do is close my eyes. See? Woohoo!
Rachel: Ross! Stop that!
Ross: Ah, I'm sorry.
Rachel: Come on! I don't want you thinking of me like that any more!
Ross: Uh, sorry. Nothing you can do about it. It's one of my, uh, rights as the ex-boyfriend. Oop... oh yeah!
Rachel: Stop it, cut it out! Cut it out!
Ross: Okay, okay, I'm sorry, it will never happen... Uh-oh! Wait a minute! Wait... wait... now there are a hundred of you--and Iím the king.

Chandler: That's Yasmine Bleeth, she's a completely different kind of chick. I love you both, but in very different ways.

Rachel: Okay, you'd tell me the truth, right?
Ross: Rach, you can't look fat in an x-ray.

Chandler: Okay! Now you stay out here and you think about what you did!
Ross: That's a duck.
Chandler: That's a bad duck!


Written by Chris Brown
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Aired 4/17/97, 8/21/97