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The One With The Birth Mother

Episode 10.09

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Chandler and Monica go to Ohio to be interviewed by the birth mother (Erica) of their prospective child. Due to a mix-up, she thinks Chandler is a doctor and Monica a reverend. Monica wants to let the illusion continue, but Chandler insists on telling the truth, which almost costs them the baby. Joey persuades a reluctant Phoebe to set him up with her friend, Sarah. Joey is hesitant to call Sarah for a second date, because during dinner she took some fries from his plate (Joey doesn't share food). Ross seeks fashion advice from Rachel and Phoebe for an upcoming date (with Joan), so they take him shopping. Their bags get mixed up; Ross ends up wearing a women's blouse -- the same blouse Joan is wearing.

The one where they said....

Joey: It's not about the fries, it's about what the fries represent!
Phoebe: What?
Joey: All food!

Phoebe: I'm not sure about some of the bras I got.
Rachel: Oh, really? Do you want to try some of them on for me?
Phoebe: Oh, okay! Wait, are we in Joey's imagination?

Waiter: Chocolate tort for the lady, cheescake for the gentleman.
Joey: Excuse me sir, there seems to be some sort of red crap on my cheesecake.
Waiter: Oh yes, that's raspberry coolie.
Joey: So stupid, trying to be healthy ordering cheesecake!


Written by Scott Silveri
Directed by David Schwimmer
Anna Faris as Erica
Jim O'Heir as Adoption Agency Worker
Annie Parisse as Sarah
Jorge Luis Abreu as The Waiter
Carla Toutz as Joan
Aired 1/8/2004, 4/22/2004, 7/1/2004