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The One With Ross's Grant

Episode 10.06

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Chandler's ad agency gets a new account and Joey wants Chandler to get him in the commercial. Chandler doesn't think he's right for the part, so Joey gives him a video tape containing a sample of his commercial work. Chandler doesn't watch it, but lies that he did. Joey realizes the truth because Chandler never says anything about his Japanese "Ichiban: Lipstick for men" commercial. Ross is applying for a paleontology grant and finds out Charlie's old boyfriend (Benjamin) evaluates the applicants. Charlie introduces them, and Benjamin immediately starts pressuring Ross to break up with her, so he can get her back. Ross doesn't give in, but eventually Charlie decides to get back together with Benjamin anyway. Phoebe is clearing stuff out of her apartment to make room for Mike; she decides to get rid of some hideous artwork she created, and tries to give it to Monica and Rachel, who had been pretending to like it.

The one where they said....

Rachel: You're not keeping this!
Joey: But it's an original Buffay.
Rachel: All right, fine. You can keep it. As long as you don't mind that she's haunted.
Joey: What? What?
Rachel: Well, legend has it, Joey, that she comes alive when you're asleep. She climbs out of the frame, and then drags her half a body across the floor, just looking for legs to steal. Then with her one good hand, she slowly reaches up and turns your doorknob.
Joey: Get that legless witch out of here!

Chandler [to Joey]: What's it gonna take for you to forgive me?
[later, in the coffee house, Chandler is wearing the lipstick for men]
Monica: Oh my god.
Rachel: Excellent.
Joey: What do you say?
Chandler: Lying is wrong.
Joey: And? And?
Chandler: I'm a pretty little girl.
Phoebe: I knew it.

[Joey's in bed, hears the sound of fabric ripping, and sees his bedroom doorknob turning]
Joey: Gladys?
[Door opens, Phoebe's picture of Gladys is there.]
[Joey screams.]
[Rachel lowers the picture, revealing herself, laughing.]
Rachel: Third time this week! Man, this does not get old.


Written by Sebastian Jones
Directed by Ben Weiss
Greg Kinnear as Dr. Benjamin Hobart
Aisha Tyler as Charlie
Ming Lo as Dr. Li
Cathy Lind Hayes as Dr. Biely
Aired 11/06/2003, 1/22/2004, 6/24/2004