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I ordered a cool looking "Groot" sunshade for my car, from You can get good sunshades with interesting designs at Walmart for $10, and super cheap / generic ones at other places for under $3, but I was looking for something a bit more specific and unique.

Perfectvesper's sun shades are quite cool looking, but with shipping, you're gonna pay $45-$50 for one. This is FAR more than most places, but they do have some unique items. I was a little wary because I knew nothing about the website and couldn't find independent reviews online. I decided to take a chance.

The risk didn't pay off well.

Despite the website saying that they were based in Detroit, MI, the package was shipped directly from China. It took a while. The web site says they custom make everything after you order it, so to be patient, but this may just be a smoke screen for "it's gonna ship slowly from half way around the world."

The sun shade was put into a thin vinyl bag which was only HALF the length of the sunshade, so they FOLDED it. As you know, most sun shades are already folded in accordion fashion, so they have vertical fold lines in them. But this was folded the other way, so now there are horizontal fold lines in the product as well. In fact, it was folded around a chunk of packing material. I'm guessing that was to avoid a complete 180 degree, hard fold. But as a result, it now has *3* folds in it. One bad horizontal line across the center, and 2 lesser lines in other places.

It is munged pretty badly. Instead of a straight, rigid sun shade, it's now floppy with extra, messy looking creases. It sags a bit when it's in place in the window, so not just cosmetically damaged, it doesn't stay in place as reliably. After a couple years of use, the places where they had folded (and weakened) it horizontally began splitting open. (The normal vertical accordion folds are not splitting.)

Anyone who is going to pay pay 3-4 times the going rate in order to get a cool looking sun shade is obviously going to care a lot about appearance and functionality. So shipping the product in a way that damages it is ridiculous.

I contacted the company via their contact page on their website. I asked about getting a replacement product that was properly protected for shipping. They seemed quite sympathetic and said they'd look into it. They requested pictures. I sent in the picture and thanked them for their attention.

After a couple weeks and some emails from me asking for status, they decided they were not going to be able to correct the shipping process anytime soon, so they offered a refund. I accepted.

A few days later, I received a refund of only 1/2 the value (plus shipping), so about 2/3 of the amount I originally paid. They never told me they were only offering a partial refund. But on the other hand, they did not ask me to return the product, either. So... I'm left with a very damaged product for which I paid (net) more than I would have for a new sun shade at a local store. I am disappointed in the outcome and would not do this again.

I should also add that I kept seeing different names associated with this purchase, in emails or on my paypal account.,, and some other name that sounded Chinese, something like Cao Hoa (but maybe not that, exactly). It made me nervous, wondering who I was really dealing with.