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Friends Reunion Show?

Posted March 6th, 2020

The news is all buzzing about a Friends reunion show. Is it finally happening?


The original 10 seasons of Friends has found a new streaming home, on service "HBO Max". As part of this launch, the 6 stars, as well as the show's creators, will take part in what is being called an "unscripted episode", which will also be streamed there.

The term "episode" has some people thinking that a new chapter of our Friends lives has been written, and I know how happy that would make many people! However, as an "unscripted" event, this will be more like a talk show, where the cast and creators are gathered together to discuss the show and it's impact.

I'm excited so see all our Friends back together, and I'm looking forward to this very unique event! Who knows what fun 'extras' will be included! Clips? New outtakes? Trivia?